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Thread: To supporters of Walmart/LindowsOS

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    To supporters of Walmart/LindowsOS

    I found a very interesting article for those interested in purchasing the sub-$300 LindowsOS computers that Walmart is selling.

    Cheap PCs With Lindows Are Well Intentioned but Flawed
    By Rob Pegoraro of the Washington Post
    To make this break with industry tradition, Wal-Mart didn't work with experienced Linux distributors such as Red Hat. It went with Lindows.com, a San Diego start-up headed by MP3.com founder Michael Robertson.
    If only the Lindows PC I tested lived up to its advance publicity.

    The problems started when I lifted the computer out of its box. It rattled.

    After the computer died within a few seconds of starting up, I removed the side panels and immediately spotted the problem: The processor's heat sink and cooling fan, critical to keeping the AMD chip from overheating, were hanging loose inside the case.
    Read the entire article here


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    I'm just curious to know...... Who would be stupid enough to run a computer if they hear something rattling inside? Sure, the case rattles, but I will wait until it dies to take a look inside. I would have loved to hear how the heat sink shorted out his mother boards or something along those lines. From reading the article.... I have a bad feeling on the points this author is trying to make. It kinda of sounds like Microsoft is stroking his joystick while he is typing this article. Yes, I made the comment about Click N Run being freeware when we first brought up the lindows discussion, but when he talks about Lindows he contradicts hiself a few too many times. I would like to see some more reviews like this before I can believe the systems Wal~Mart is selling are complete trash. I would expect them to be low grade, but complete trash. I don't believe it....... and I hate Wal~Mart....

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