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    Test your Web services and .NET components

    Reprinted from the Segue Solutions .NET Explorer main page
    SilkPerformer .NET Explorer is a simple yet effective tool that allows you to rapidly test Microsoft® .NET components and W3C compliant Web services.

    SilkPerformer .NET Explorer allows you to test Web services and .NET components without requiring that you understand what they do, what they look like, or even how they work. You do not even need to have programming knowledge. Simply create visual test scenarios with a point and click interface – you will be ready in seconds.

    SilkPerformer .NET Explorer offers added value when it is used in conjunction with SilkPerformer V's .NET Framework. Integrated with SilkPerformer V, you can parameterize input parameters. Verification checks defined in .NET Explorer will then be executed even under load and the results can be analyzed via TrueLog, making it an excellent tool for generating .NET component and Web service test drivers.
    I don't do very much web development, but I did test this program with some .NET components I'm developing and it works great. The download is free and there's a lot of information available about the program (such as a PowerPoint presentation detailing the program, whitepapers, etc.). Hope you like it.

    To download it, click here. For more information, go to the main page.


    PS: I found out about this program through the Microsoft MSDN Flash e-mail system.

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    Sorry am an old timer M$ was found guilty and I will not support .NET don't have to now I'm not employed nor need to support their stuff and even when I was forced to was way to expensive. M$ did not invent all this they bought it.
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