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    Exclamation linux security and other questions

    hi im here once more for help with my linux mandrake 8.2

    ok heres the situation i have no idea what im doing on this os. i am a windows user who wanted
    to learn a new os. surprisingly i set up my internet conncetion by myself. i need help securing my linux
    and some tutorials on how to access information and folders (if they exist in linux). also how to load
    programs and video games like unreal tournament and max payne. how to install you know the works
    on using linux. if anyone can, can you make a list of programs i can use to play music and burn cds and
    have antiviral protection. i searched the web and so far came up with nothing i could do. Thanks ahead of
    time and if you have any questions do ask.

    oh almost forgot

    What are iptables

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    Can I give you a suggestion? Make one thread and keep asking new questions in there. You keep asking questions and you have to repeat yourself. It may be easier to just use one thread and keep adding to that...

    Here are some links to help you with iptables

    I don't know where you're searching for your questions on the web, but, in a matter of minutes, I found everything you were asking about on Google... First thing you should do before you start trying to install programs is to read through the Mandrake documentation. It should help you quite a bit. Once you've done that, you can start looking for some specific help. Generic questions like "can you make a list of programs I can use..." aren't going to get the greatest responses. All of this information is avaiable on the Internet. Just search for things, and if you have a specific question, ask it here... we're not instructors on how to use Linux... there are many more sites dedicated to doing that.

    Here are some more AO links which may help you as well...


    EDIT: And before posting any kind of question here, please search the archives first... three of the above links were taken directly from an AO search, and one is actually the results of a search.

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    I recommend you install both iptables and Bastille. Avdven, gave you a link to the iptables tutorial by Str34m3r. I recommend you peruse it well. This link is your friend. www.rpmfind.net. I wouldn't recommend that you try to install any programs that you have to compile right now. Look for the rpm versions if available. If iptables and Bastille didn't come with the downloaded version of Mandrake 8.2, you might be able to find them at www.rpmfind.net. iptables is the Linux firewalling program for the 2.4 series kernel (which Mandrake 8.2 uses.). It works. To install iptables, open Software Manager. You will have to supply your root password when it comes up. Put iptables in the Software Manager search engine, and hit search. If it doesn't come up, you'll have to find it on the internet. Software Manager is pretty straightforward to use. After you install the iptables rpm, open a terminal (use Konsole with KDE). Login as root. At the command prompt type su root , then when the password prompt comes up, type your root password. You have to be logged in as root to work with iptables. Find the link to Str34m3r's iptables tutorial. He walks you through how to set them up. To make it easier for you, I recommend just allowing all outbound connections. So for the Output rules, the command you would enter would be iptables -P OUTPUT ACCEPT After you enter each command you need to hit the ENTER button. Also, this is important, you need a way to make sure you have a way to make sure your iptables firewall starts up at boot. After you enter all your rules, do this: enter this at the command line: iptables-save> /etc/iptables.conf This will create a file in your /etc directory containing your iptables rules. Ok, next do this. Go to your rc.local file. in the /etc directory. Find rc.local, and open it with a text editor. In your rc.local file, underneath the very last entry, type this: iptables-restore /etc/iptables.conf (Type it exactly like this. Do not use the > that you used with the save command.) Save your changes and close the text editor. Reboot your computer. If you did everything exactly like this, your firewall should be in effect. Go to www.grc.com and take the ShieldsUp port scan test. If it works, the tested ports should be stealthed. To see a list of your rules, type: iptables -L at the command line while logged in as root. This should bring up a list of the rules you have in effect.

    Just a couple of brief pointers regarding Linux: Read! Read ! Read! Don't Give up! Don't give Up! Don't Give up!
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    ok i apologize for what i was doing i guess it does make sense. its just i was
    getting frustrated with it and just started jumping to asking questions about everything. thanks
    for the help im gonna start working on reading the links.

    the computer was the best invention ever made if you agree with me say I

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