Hey All,

I've been wondering this and wanted peoples comments about this. I just recently had my car's brake system inspected to see if there are any problems with it. In return, I recieved a list of 12 products that apparently need to be changed, totalling 470$. Now I know that some of those parts might need changing, but not all. Obviously someone is trying to take me to the cleaners. Just because I ain't a mechanically inclined person, does that mean rob me of my money and screw me into believing I need all this?

Same comes to computers. I've heard of technicians check a computer, charge $$$ per hour and tell a customer they need all this software and hardware. I understand that many people can be idiots and leave the plug in the back of the computer out, or leaving a powerbar off, but is it fair to pick on the uneducated? Does grandfather brown need a 300$ backup power deck? Or a creative labs platinum live 5.1 soundcard and speakers? (especially those with hearing aids) or a 23" flat screen monitor? Would you not agree this is highway robbery? I mean these guys are good to go with a 800mhz, 128mb ram, on board sound and video, 5gig hd and some software.

Now I ask this. Do you screw people over into purchasing these extras with their computer because you want to make a sale? Or do you help the person out and focus more on public relations? Would you rather confuse your client into buying something, or explain to them in plain english what the problem is and what you recommend and why? Just curious to see how this community looks at sales vs. service. (the buck vs. the respect)

Edit: Deleted the tread to add a poll. Also noticed that Cosmos was a better area to put this.