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Thread: what is this ?

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    what is this ?

    1) I saw BUMP Up in some posts.. what is that mean...

    2) What is the criteria for a person being banned or
    a thread being committed suicide..

    3) Is there a way to search for a thread by a part of the threads name ?

    I will be glad to get answers to my simple questions.. am a newbie
    very recently arrived in this forum..

    thank you

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    1) Bump up lets you move a thread to the top of the list

    2) anti points, both positive and negative, can be assigned to your posts. Accumulate too many negatives, and you will be banned. If a post accumulates too many negs, it commits suicide.

    3) if you go into the 'forums' section, there is a search option on that page
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    1) see the list on the main page bumping up will move it up that list or if its not on it it will put it on their

    2) if your antipoints levels get to low you will be banned automaticly same with a suicidle thread if the overall level of antipoints assigned are to negative the thread will close it self

    3) the search never works for me but.... jp added meta tags to each of the posts so i assume you can
    hope it helps


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    they are just beginers doubts

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