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Thread: Onion Router

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    Onion Router

    " The use of a switched communications network should not require revealing who is talking to whom. Onion Routing is a flexible communications infrastructure that is resistant to both eavesdropping and traffic analysis. Onion routing accomplishes this goal by separating identification from routing. Connections are always anonymous, although communication need not be. Communication may be made anonymous by removing identifying information from the data stream. Onion routing can be used by a variety of unmodified Internet applications by means of proxies (non-invasive procedure) or by modifying the network protocol stack on a machine to be connected to the network (moderate or highly-invasive procedure)."

    This is a summation of a government test that concluded in 2000. Just wondering why the IP's of the Military ppl. included in this project were so damn visible. I came across this project while serving in the Military, and after serving my time went back to observe Navy.nrl's progress. After logging in as a guest, I noticed that the router log was plainly displayed for all eyes to see. The problem being, that the majority of the people involved in this experiment were servicemen.

    Why would the government compromise IP's, during a test of a secure router?

    I have posted regarding this subject before, and received little if any response. I welcome any comments. (Jeez i guess thats why I posted this) LOL.

    for further info www.onion-router.net



    Edit: For link

    Note: This was not an intrusion, that is why I am concerned!


    "Evaluation of the proof-of-concept prototype has concluded. A wider test of the second generation system is pending."

    Damn I hope its not "Pending" soon!

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    why did they take the project offline so long ago? this whole project doesnt seem to make much sense to me. if i dont want cookies, why dont i just turn them off? why do they want the router to get rid of them? i suppose if your an admin and you dont want anyone using them, that is kind of cool. seems like a good lock-down tool for an office.

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    My concerns with the "Onion Router", project have been bothering me for a very long time. My main thoughts on the subject remain : Are we fully confident in the "Experts" our Governement are hiring to put these future systems into place? This should have been conducted as a Closed Beta test.

    Why would they use "Secure", IP's and display them for all to see, and not even consider the contradiction? This worries me.

    Considering the present situation in our world, we need to reconsider our "Lowest Bidder", policies and do things correctly.

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