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Thread: IP Locator tool on AO

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    IP Locator tool on AO

    lol, this is funny...

    I am in washington state right now, not proxied or anything, and this is what the IP Locator said about my address:

    dialup- ( is located in Louisville, Colorado, United States.

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    NeoTrace pulled it up as being in Seattle....Wonder if Louisville Colorado has a derby every year like the one in Ky?? LOL
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    Well at least it didn't say you'r in Virginia...like usual...

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    tel: 720-888-1000
    Level 3 is located in Colorado. It is most likely that any level3.net address (at least any US one) will show up as being in Colorado, and it probably isn't just the online locator tool here. Neotrace and xtraceroute may say the same thing (not sure though, because they show the routers on the way).....
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    antionline ip locator

    whats up with anti onlines ip locator? i have tried all different ips and they are all like in alrington virginia! lol, i really dont get it. i once tried it and it actually told me where i lived, but one out of 100 isnt very good odds. someone should fix it or make a new one
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    Hmm... Worked fine for me.
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    The online locator tool uses the same database as tools like NeoTrace. We have no control over the accuracy of the information that it provides.

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