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Thread: USB Connections

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    USB Connections

    GReets all!!!
    Does anyone know how long an usb cable can be? Is there a IEEE standard like ethernet?
    Any help would be appreciated.


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    im not sure if this might be right, but ive heard from a few people that the longest is 5 metres but they can be hard to get hold of (in oz anyway)

    im also pretty sure there's an IEEE standard for it too, something like 802.5 or something similar, might be the same number as firewire

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    according to this the max lenght is 3m without using a repeater/powered hub.

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    I have about 4 USB Active Extension Cables I use, and personally for the extra couple bucks. I think they are worth it. I bought mine in a local shop near my house, but in order to get you the specs. I grabbed some information from this site..

    Originally posted here by KDS
    This USB cable is not a passive extension cable. It is an active device. The USB signals going in and out of this extension cable in both directions are buffered to assure signal quality. Unlike passive USB cables, the AEC-16 prevents signal degradation.

    The AEC-16 allows a USB device to have its cable length extended up to 80 ft. by serially connecting 16 ft. cables (see caution statement). The USB Active Extension Cable acts as a pass-through USB hub, which re-amplifies all downstream and upstream data traffic. Both low-speed and high-speed devices will function equally well with the USB Active Extension Cable.

    Although the AEC-16 is designed to connect devices up to 80 ft., the maximum number of series hubs in any USB connection from the PC is five (5). This includes ordinary hubs and USB Active Extension Cable (acts as a pass through hub). Uses should verify that adding the AEC does not affect the operation of the USB device.

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    Thanks!!!! I appreciate all the timely help.

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