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Thread: CD Problems

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    CD Problems

    Hello! Two of my CD's will not run in my dvd drive. I figure it is because of possible damage to them. I have cleaned them and such but they still fail to work. Does anyone know how to possible fix this problem so I can use the CD's? I have a CD-RW and I probably should have made back up copies, but of course I didn't.

    Anyways if anyone can help me thanks.

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    Do ther CD's work because if other cds dont work then there is probably something wrong with the drive.

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    Other CD's do work in the drive. It's just these two cd's. Both are fairly scratched up, but nothing to where I would think it would be a major problem. Is there any way to get information off of a ruined disk though? Besides sending it some place and paying money for it?

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    Try reading them in another CD-drive. Older drives are less precise, and may not notice some of the scratches...
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    Disk cleaners (Disk doctor...) aren't that much. Unless there are any deep scratches, that should take care of it. Also, try the two CD's in another CD-ROM drive.

    If they still won't work you will know that the fault is 100% in the CD's. Whether it is because of scratches or not is another question. It could be that you Direct CD'ed em at a friends house (if they are burned CD's) and didn't set them back to standard CD-ROM capatablility.

    If they STILL don't work after that...

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    -> A friend's laptop wouldn't play Brazil and acouple of individual CDs the other day, but it played other DVDs/CDs. Thinking it was scratches, we went through the usual steps, and when it still didn't play, I removed/reinstalled the DVD software, and that didn't help either, even though the software claimed to support the DVDs format. I removed the software, replaced it with another company's, and we watched Brazil. The other CDs were then readable as well. If you have tried all the other options, and the CDs can be read by other drives, and you still get nothing from that DVD drive, you might try another software.
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    Like disturbed said, disc cleaners aren't that much...about ten bucks. Your local (I hate to say this) Wal-Mart should have them in the same section where the blank CDs are kept.
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    a good way to fix really scratched cds is to get rainex, the same stuff you put on car windows and wipe from in to out. fills in the holes. you cant create data there, but at least it should read right over it and not skip too much.
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