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Thread: from User to Administrator

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    from User to Administrator

    I have a PC with Windows 2000 S.P.1.
    My Administrator exclude me from install any programs and important activities, just to mob me, because I like any studies about hacking and security!
    My question is: how I get Administrator password if i can't install and run anything on my machine?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Administrators have very good reasons for locking down computers from the end-users. If you have a 'legitimate' reason for having a higher privilege level, explain that to the Administrator and ask him to kick-up your account. Don't try and gain administrator authority any other way, it will just get you in trouble.


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    My supervisor requested that I have unrestricted access to the internet for research purposes. The information I may be looking for can easily be located on questionable sites, and for security purposes. We need to know what sources of information these sites may contain. Once I gained unrestricted access to the internet, I brought up the fact that I may need to test software or update some software I am using. This was again a combination of efforts between myself and my supervisor. I'm sure you know what he wants to hear. Also, my supervisor had problems getting another user in my office the same priviledges, but with his permission I was able to give this individual local admin priviledges. Work with your supervisor, and a co-worker that has the access, but then again. Make it legit. Otherwise you will be out the door before you finish typing in the password....

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    very wise advice from DjM.

    unless you have a good reason for being there, you shouldn't be there. perhaps you should just study from home. there is a risk yu may damage the computer, but if you are willing to learn, that can be a wonderful learning experience... learning to correct what you just fubar-ed.

    also, just to warn you. hackers are not welcome here. if you want security info, that abounds, but hackers scare most of us as they try to destroy what we create.
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    btw...there is "power user" group in win2k which has more powers than a standard user but less than admin. you can install progs and drivers...if you have a legit reason to be a power user...just ask your admin...and some advice...if you aren't asking for legit reasons...beware...you wonuldn't last long here...or for that matter at your job/school
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    f you do not own the computer, you are at the mercy of your system and network administrators: In a working or studying environment you probably have all the privileges needed to perform whatever task is assigned to you. if you can show that you need certain other privileges to perform your job, they will give you the privileges required.

    Remember, in this situation above, you are not responsible for computer maintenance: If you want admin-priv's just so you can install W2K SP2 (or, in a few weeks, 3) - tough luck. That's a job your administrator has to do.
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    If you really, really want to try this stuff, see if they'll let you use a stand-alone machine with Internet access. That way if something happens (you screw up) the network will be safe. That way the admins can sleep easy knowing their network is safe and you can do what ever you want.
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    also, just to warn you. hackers are not welcome here. if you want security info, that abounds, but hackers scare most of us as they try to destroy what we create.
    'hacker' semantics aside, this approach, to me. is scary...anytime someone from the 'other-side' wants to come in and illustrate things that are unknown or currently dismissed/overlooked - i welcome the opportunity as it as a worthy learning experience. security is a cooperative effort, if both sides aren't represented one end is left guessing.

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    i work as a network administrator and am also a AO newbie.

    first, i was relieved to NOT see any of the AO members giving you advice on how to crack an admin pw!! second, if you need priviledges to do your job, i doubt your admin will deny you that.

    i agree with qwerty_smith: study at home where the only systems you could possibly harm or compromise are your own.

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    Originally posted here by Delyn-WK
    i was relieved to NOT see any of the AO members giving you advice on how to crack an admin pw.
    Yes, that is the last thing any of us would want to see. I believe we all pretty much directed him in the similiar route. Build up a list of educated reason on why you would need a power user account, and from there. Get your Supervisor/Manager to back you, and then attempt to work with your System Admin to make this happen. You are 95% more likely to get this approved if your superior backs this movement. Nothing works more than an educated discussion.

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