hey, i am running os 9 off of my 4 year old clamshell iBook anyways, i recently completly filled up my hard drive and i need to install some more software. anyways, the older ibooks only have a USB port, no firewire. i cant find any hard drive that is USB compabable. also, if i connect an external hard drive to my computer through the USB port, i fear that my computer will load extremly slowly because i am running my hard drive off of USB. i am going to get a new computer soon, but not yet. i still am going to use this ibook for enother 6 months. anyways, if anyone can help, it would be greatly appriciated. also, what is an advantage of put a linux os on my ibook?? everyone is saying linux os are great but i have never really used one. anyways, why are they so good? also, one more question. i have a port flooder on my ibook and when i try to seek revenge on someone who just tried to attack my computer and try to flood their ports, my computer freezes. it is like the computer cant handle all of that information. is it just because i have a sad computer or is it the softwares fault? thanks everyone, all of your help is GREATLY appriciated!