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Thread: The Greatest Band Ever

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    The Greatest Band Ever

    Im sorry for posting this but i got into an argument with a co-worker over the greatest band ever. I just wanted to know who you think the greatest band ever is????

    My vote
    Led Zeppelin


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    Rage Against The Machine......

    Also, this might of been better off in the general chit chat forum....

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    I'll have to agree with Conf1rm3d_K1ll .
    Led Zep was good.....but so what?
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    aislinn, Aria, BTBAM, chevelle, codeseven, Cky, dredg, evergreen terrace, from autumn to ashes,hopesfall, hxc, luti-kriss, nirvana, norma jean, shai hulud, this hero dies, tool, underoath, zao,

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    I'm torn on this. NIN and Rage against the machine are both holding #1 in my book for different reasons.
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    i would have to say its a toss up between sonic youth(they can create any kind of noise out of a guitar and make it sound like music) and[gloworange] sade [/gloworange] her voice is like honey!

    I think nirvana was good too, kirk was a good writer!
    who else? krs-one (a living personafication of what real hip hop is)
    thelonis monk (a true engineer of modern jazz)
    johnny rooten in your face punk rocker liked his attitude
    too many to name here


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    Pet Sounds - The Beach Boys. No arguement. WTF is up with people thinking Nirvana or Rage is the best band ever? Listen to The Beach Boys, and hear for yourself why Nirvana and Rage are so popular. Hrmm... Nirvana is pretty good though. And so is RATM. Oh, and so are The Beatles. Oh, and The Rolling Stones... Oh, and..ermm... I guess it's just personal taste. Although you could discuss about the influence some of those bands had: early blues, soul, Beach Boys, Elvis, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Sex Pistols... name me one band that wasn't influenced by one of them... It's all cool, but it's been done before...

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    Okay... Ready for this....


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    Led Zeppelin defined what we hear today. Its music gets mimmiced everywhere.

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    Ok...maybe not the greatest overall, but definitly the best LIVE band ever....PINK FLOYD!!
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