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Thread: The Greatest Band Ever

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    Okay, what about some of the really old stuff? Like the Doobie Brothers, Elvis, Simon & Garfunkel, Creedence Clearwater, some of that stuff. You have to admit that it added a new dimension to music, especially Elvis. You may not like all of his music (I do, all of those I listed) but he opened new doors musically speaking.

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    the doobie brothers and creedance clearwater... good stuff... does anyone here listen to anything not heavy? i have nothing against it, i listen to just about everything, but why is it that all the "best bands" are more heavy or electronic? what happened to good old accoustic stuff? i personally think dave matthews is a great band.
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    i Just thought of another band...relatively unknown...and definitely not mainstream...Suicidal Tendencies!
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    Nothing against Dave Mathews.....but, me personally, I happen to get tired of listening to laments about love and so on and so forth
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    For all the Led Zepplin and Black Sabbath fans, ...... someone forgot to include Deep Purple / Richie Blackmore's Rainbow !!

    But as I have aged my taste has mellowed a bit, when no one else is around ... I break out the Sabbath, Zepplin, Purple and Richie Blackmore's Rainbow CD's .... which can only be listened at one level ... loud.

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    what? nobody likes tool. if you want the greatest band of the young generation....then tool is definately up there.

    by the punk band: Bad Religion
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    A stupid question ...u can never find a agreable ans.

    BTW what about beatles
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    Iron Maiden = Best Band Ever.

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    Im really glad there is such a broad taste of music out there. Im gonna name another awesome band not on here. Not my favorite but definately one of the Greatest bands i ever heard....

    Sick of It All

    These guys are insane

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    My vote of course is with Pink Floyd, esp since they average a couple thousand records sold every year, even after they quit touring and recording. Led Zepplin would probably pull a close second, followed by The Doors, its quite suprising the musical tastes everyone here has. I also have to agree that electronic music has its draw, from old numbers like Daft Punk and Kraftwerk, to more modern acts such as The Chemical Brothers, Crystal Method, and Underworld.

    lowtripp > tool , in my oppinion , is sort of like a moder day Pink Floyd, very trippy, and at times just plain bizzare music.
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    Tool isn't bad either, maynard is a bit too angry at religion, you can not like something but you don't need to get that mad over it... They have the best songs for wierd rythym, lateralis has the differetn instruments written in something like 5/8, 6/8 anf 7/8 time.. Some of the best music is all about the music behind it as well as the meaning of the song. Pink Floyd inflluenced a lot of bands I listen to, they are a great band, no argument there...

    If anyone is interested, go to
    They have essays written by regular people and by students taking classes on this sort of thing about the meanings behind the song. There's a lot of listings there and it's still growing.

    Mahakaal - Thanks for giving a reason, one of my pet peeves is when people say they hate a band because it isn't in a certain classification, especially when they haven't even listened to the band...
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