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    Originally posted here by smirc
    Best ska band: Sublime (every day I love them just a little bit more
    OK not to rip on anyones favs or anything BUT i mean seriously, sublime?ever heard of reel big fish. less than jake. buck-o-nine. mustard plug. Pennywise. Five iron frenzy, SUBLIME is a sell out band, no offense

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    The greatest band ever is definitly a rockband because that's the only music style that is timeless. Rock & roll/punk still don't sound old fashioned unlike alot of other styles.
    In my opinion the best bands ever are: The Ramones, The Sex Pistols, Nirvana
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    rammstein, metallica, styx, system of a down
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    I don't know if someone have this allready written this and if so, I'll write it again.

    Red Hot Chilly Peppers will never die. Metallica as well.
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