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Thread: anybody know of free hosting w/ cgi access?

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    anybody know of free hosting w/ cgi access?

    I needed some help finding a free hosting plan(becasue i have no money) that has cgi acces, and php support would be a plus also. I don't really care if it has adverts or not. If anybody knows of a site of anything, reply to this, thanks.
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    Hmm... i don't know if these hosts have cgi support, but they have php support for sure:
    Try www.xug.net & www.php50.com ..
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    u could serach for what u want here http://www.freewebspace.net/search/
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    Heya'... just came found on a site something you are looking for..! I found these site's under the CGI tab, so i think they offer CGI too.. but who knows... u'd better read on each site for futher info:
    www.artcliff.com -> 10 MB Email Topbanner /you
    www.cdaweb.de -> 3 Mb FTP No ads Subdomain
    www.clawz.com -> 50 MB FTP Banner Subdomain
    www.demented.org -> 20 MB FTP No ads Subdomain
    www.digital-avatar.com -> 999 MB Browser Popup/Banner /members/you
    www.escalix.com -> 50 MB Browser No ads /freepage/user
    www.hhenter.com -> 5 MB FTP Browser Banner /you
    www.hosternet.co.uk -> 5 MB FTP Browser No ads Domain
    www.hosticon.com -> 15 MB FTP Popup Subdomain
    www.hosting.agava.ru -> 999 MB FTP Banner Subdomain
    www.Hostultra.com -> 999 MB FTP Popup/Banner /~you
    www.iHawkins.com -> 5 MB FTP No ads /you
    www.kolayweb.com -> 20 MB FTP No ads Subdomain
    www.loopback.dk -> 5 MB FTP No ads Subdomain
    www.netfirms.com -> 25 MB FTP Banner subdomain
    www.obzh.com -> 30 MB Browser Footbanner /you
    www.real-hosting.net -> 20 MB FTP Popup/Banner subdomain
    www.scsuk.net -> 100 Mb FTP Email No ads Subdomain
    www.tripod.lycos.com -> 50 Mb FTP/File Man M. Banners name.tripod.com
    www.younghosting.co.uk -> 30 MB Browser Footbanner /you
    www.youthofamerica.org -> 20 MB Browser No ads /you
    This is all i found.. choose the ones that suit u'r needs!
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    This site is free. It offers php, perl, mysgl, escapade. It has no adds and your website is a subdomain! The site is portland.co.uk or for USA port5.com.

    I forgot to mention that php functions on its own not as cgi, but they allow the same control with it. The site also has ftp access.
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