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Thread: What is the most inexpensive computer I can buy?

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    Question What is the most inexpensive computer I can buy?

    Does a intel celeron processor still play games such as GTA3 or Medal of Honor well? Would the graphics be choppy? I need some help please
    Thank you
    P.S. Sorry for posting this in the newbie section and not the general chit chat forum.

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    As far as I have seen, Celeron processors handle most games quite well. Just make sure that the computer you get has enough RAM (minimum 128, though if you want to play games, I'd recommend at least 256) and a good graphics card (preferably at least 64 MB on-board memory plus support of DirectX and OpenGL). Before my sister moved to New Zealand, she wanted a laptop, so I ordered her a sub-$2000 Dell Laptop with a Celeron processor and 256 MB RAM and, as far as I know, she hasn't had any problems with games. Before she left, she came over a few times to play LAN games with a few of the computers on my network and her laptop, and there was no lag on her computer and she didn't cause any lag on the others playing.


    EDIT: If you're looking for an inexpensive processor, though, AMD's are generally quite a bit less expensive than Intel processors and you'll definately get more with an AMD then you would with a Celeron.

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    If you want good gaming performance, a celeron will probably do fine PROVIDED you avoid getting a system with integrated graphics and sound. Preferably you would find a system that has at least a 32 meg AGP video card. A good graphics card takes a lot of the load off of the processor, and a good sound card with a decent subwoofer speaker system will enhance your 'aureal' enviroment a great deal.
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    Celeron will handle your games
    As AJ and allnb1963 say go for the best screen card that you can afford
    and stay away from onboard graphics and sound
    as for ram 256 will do it
    Happy gaming
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    like titanmike says,a celeron will do with all the above mentioned.i personally prefer amd as i have seen a amdk6 500 with 512cache onchip,64meg ram and nvidea agp 32meg screencard outperform a celeron 600.if you can afford it, and you are serious about gaming buy the best you can get.

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    Or.. of course, u could get 128 megs of ram, and an 32 megs screencard with a AMD Athlon XP 1700+.. it's only about 150$... if that's not to much... but, the processor will have heavy work to do..! I personally would choose what they sayd.. 256 megs of ram, 32 megs of screencard..
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    A Geforce 4 Ti 4200 is pretty cheap and you can cool it down then overclock it so its faster than a Ti 4600. Its still pretty good without overclocking.

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    I wont vouch for other games....but for GTA3...you need a PS2.....there are no ifs and buts about it.....
    Personally i prefer consoles to PC's.....they have their own niche. And while I can understand the PC's superiority in some aspects, a port will never be the same.
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    Yeah I can pick up a Ti 4200 for about 135 (189$) and from what I have seen they are great

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    So far I'm working fine with a Pentium II 400mhz comp, 128mb ram, and a Geforce 2 GTS 32mb video card. For 3d games, the Video card is often the most important piece in terms of performance, but slow processors eventually take their toll.
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