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Thread: problems with ZA

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    problems with ZA

    i'm a newbie running 3 comps on a linksys router. i haven't been that paranoid with hackers until someone uploaded the trojan winserv.exe.
    i recently installed norton's 2003 antivirus on my box that already had ZA pro installed. when i finished installing norton's, i got all sorts of problems with ZA pro, saying that the TrueVector driver wasn't loaded and my comp restarted by itself. i didn't like ZA anyways cause when i was running it, nobody could access my ftp server, even when i allowed the necessary ports to be open. my question is, are there going to be problems like that with other firewalls? i read in the readme file that there was going to be some compatibility problems with zone alarm...but i didn't think it would cause my computer to act on its own. any suggestions on any software firewalls that are easy to configure for vast amounts of downloading? has anyone had problems with the norton's 2003 and ZA combination.
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    I just switched from ZA to Tiny Personal Firewall. I too had issues with ZAPro and given the bad press it gets around here, I decided to get rid of it. I must say I am happy with Tiny, and have had no problems with setup or any other function of it, for that matter.

    I will say this though, I just can't handle Nortons AV. I've been using a product called AVG, available free from www.grisoft.com for about 3 years now, and am very happy with it. Side by side, it will detect things that Nortons misses, and even the updates are free. I did a thread on it a couple of weeks ago...if you want to look at it to see what others think, click below.

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    -> Running multiple firewalls often causes problems, depending upon which you choose to employ simultaneously. You see, firewalls don't always play well with each other. Your software/hardware combination should keep you pretty safe, provided you lose that compatibility problem.

    -> As far as your ftp trouble, with Tiny/Kerio personal Firewall, you can more precisely set your rules... and you can leave that ftp port open for a specific use that you can configure. Plus, its free. (Kerio Personal Firewall is the same program as Tiny Personal Firewall, but designers left Tiny and formed their own company, Kerio. The two products are almost identical, but as time goes by they will surely migrate apart.)

    -> I am running Kerio firewall with Panda Titanium as my AV, and never had a problem with compatibility. Panda Titanium updates about every 6 or 8 hours, and its interface is my favorite so far. You can choose your scanning, updating, and filtering tastes with ease.
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