For our indian users, I have a question
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Thread: For our indian users, I have a question

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    For our indian users, I have a question

    Hey, I just heard about all that stuff about corrupt officials being arrested in punjab. I found some links, could anybody post some good links, something with lots of info here? Please? Thanks. I appreciate de help.

    EDIT: Particularly articles talking about the banks. I haven't found much info on those stores, thanks for your help guys.

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    dosent have that many details ...but still have a look type......,0009.htm

    ok go to and search for

    cash-for-job scam
    or sidhu upsc scam....
    u ll get a lot of links...but search only the site not the web
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    hey khakhisrule. Did you get enough info? try this one also..
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