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Thread: False positives from scanners cause damage

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    False positives from scanners cause damage

    I suppose that it was a matter of time.

    I was very interested in the thread "The really hidden files." There is a cool text file that you can download. I downloaded the file and felt good about trying one of the programs that I had not heard of before. It is PurgIE - http://www.purgeie.com

    The program installed in XP without a problem and ran without errors. I thought that the results were great, too! It seemed that all of the cookies and histories from my browsing were erased. AND they were!

    Then the problem. I have purchased PestPatrol. PestPatrol is somewhat like ad-aware. However, it also has a memory resident scanner that can intercept malicious files like Trojans. I still like this program, as well. http://www.pestpatrol.com. And JP, they are a PA company in Carlisle.

    Well, I have the command line version scheduled to run at 0300 EDT. It found that the 'Inno installer" was a trojan. Well, IT IS NOT a Trojan or any other type of malware.

    I just wanted to post this info because I feel badly for Jim Lawler who worked hard to help vindicate his work.

    Also, the PestPatrol folks really "went after" this problem, and updated their .dat files to insure that the Inno installer won't cause a false positive.

    I also wonder what others think about the possibility that as we scan scan scan, that we will have more and more wild goose chases?

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    ->Zadok, two things:

    ->First, is purgeie in your exp a better product than WindowWasher? www.webroot.com
    ->Second, edit your post, www.pestpatrol.com
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    Thanks, it is now: www.pestpatrol.com

    I had some trouble with WindowWasher in XP. For some reason, XP seemed to almost freeze when I was using it. PurgeIE just runs better for me. Who knows? i may have some junk in the registery that causes problems with the program. But most importantly, PurgIE does in fact find and purge the index.dat files wherever they may be scattered. I didn't think that WindowWasher really did that. For instance, I know PurgeIE is working because I have to restart the computer. As you know, in order to really operate on index.dat you have to get at it from the command line outside of windows. In XP that's not easy to do. I used to burn NTFS boot CDs in order to delete index.dat frm the command line.

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