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    I was reading Beyond Good and Evil by Friedrich Nietzsche, and came across a quote that really made me think.

    You want, if possible - and there is no more insane "if possible" - to abolish suffering. And we? It really seems that we would rather have it higher and worse than ever. Well-being as you understand it - that is no goal, that seems to us an end, a state that soon makes man ridiculous and contemptible - that makes his destruction desirable. The discipline of suffering, of great suffering - do you not know that onl this discipline has created all enhancements of man so far?

    Which in my opinion are powerful words that some need to take in more deeply. However, we dont want to believe this because it costs lives daily. The enhancement of the human race is indeed a very sad strength that we all must endure. But, on a side note, if this quote were true, would that mean that a utopian society rests on complete annihlation of a certain or vast peoples? Utopia the idea of a perfect society, cannot fall under this quote, because societal norms dictate that ABSOLUTE suffering could not make perfection. People wouldn't let that happen. What do you all think?


    forgot, this quote is on page 255.

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    This is Nietzsche view on that and it's philosophy. Some people really agreed with that. Hitler did and he got very powerfull, but it's what you prefer. Technological advance is nice, but you have to keep up with you social and economic aspects. At the moment we have a really wrong balance between those things (in my opinion). Hitler lost the war because a lot of people didn't like him, altho he had plains and a nice economy. It's just what you want and:
    In the current sociaty there still is this kind of suffering.. We call it stress and it also causes enhancements, but people don't always like that. Also it is in my opinion not true that all enhancements are caused by suffering. I only have bad examples on that so I don't give any..
    Well that's my view

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    yeah hitler did, but hitler also had the idea of the ubermensch, firmly planted in his mind. He had his soldiers carry copies of "thus spoke zarathustra" in there backpacks. but again i dont agree with that quote being absolute, although i do want the opinions of others so i can formulate a better idea of it.

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