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    Post Student Identification Badges

    Who reading this is in Highschool?
    Okay, now who is required to wear ID badges at their school?
    Pain in the huh?

    My typical day at school:

    (Entering the school)-"Let me see the ID badge please"-teacher
    (Walking into 1st period)-"Why don't you have your ID on mister?"-teacher
    (Into the library)-"ID's out please"-librarian
    (Getting some chow)-"The ID badges need to be worn on the torso between the neck and the waist"-principle
    (Taking a piss)-"Let me see your ID bad... UH! Take a lesson in aiming"-grossed out teacher

    I get harassed day in and day out about a piece of paper with my name, grade, and picture on it.
    You might be thinking "man, this kid does not appreciate the fact that his school just wants the area to be safe and secure."

    Well of course I don't appreciate it. The ID badges were just adopted this year and as far as I know there had never been
    a single incident before this year where a problem could have been solved with an ID badge. To shorten that sentence:
    My school is fixing something that is not broken. As a result my school has cut back on funds to produce the ID badges when
    the money could have been used for computers, computer classes, books, ect.

    Point: ID badges are useless, harassing, and fund consuming

    Thanks for reading

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    They have the same thing at my high-school. They truly are a pain in a**. Ours even have barcodes that we have to scan to be admitted in or even to buy lunch....Pathetic huh?

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    Many schools in this area require identification badges, not only for students, but faculty and staff as well, and especially for visitors. Although I never attended a school where these badges where a requirement, my high school was talking about it the year I left, and instituted it a year or two later. You say that they are useless, harassing and fund consuming, but I beg to differ.

    Useless? They can actually be quite useful because it easily keeps track of who is on campus and who is not. Also, it allows the staff to know when an unauthorized individual appears on campus (my first high school had a man walking around with a gun one morning and we were all confined to the classrooms once it was discovered. He ended up killing himself during the stand off. This situation would have been discovered immediately had badges been required).

    Harassing? I admit, what you said could be annoying, but once you get used to wearing it all the time on campus, it shouldn't be a problem. People will become accustomed to having it out at all times, and no one will harass you unless you don't have it out, which should become second nature, just like putting on a pair of glasses or contacts.

    Fund consuming? As far as I know, such ID badges are not expensive. The schools I have seen here which have the badges actually use the standard Student/Employee ID cards as the badges, simply punching a hole in the top and running a lanyard through it so that everyone can wear it around their necks. Granted, the lanyards will add an extra cost, but if a school district buys them in bulk, they'll end up costing a few cents each, if that.

    These are, of course, just my opinion, but I'm more than happy to take any criticism anyone wants to offer.


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    I hear at my old high school, you have to have an id badge and you swipe in and out of the halls to get into each hall. You also have to swipe to get into the school. Not to mention if your class isn't in that hall the door won't open. They have the whole school wired with video cameras also. A bit too far? aybe, but its only there for your safety. Here in south florida guns and weapons in schools are a very real thing.

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    No offense, but if someone walked in with a gun and a teacher noticed the guy with a bulge in his trench coat,
    that guy would not stand around to make excuses with the teacher. If he was there to murder, he is going to murder.

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    Wow, When did this start going in to effect? I live in a Swiss part of connecticut, it will be a while before anything like that is put into effect here.

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    woah. different worlds.
    my h.s. (a few years ago) had the honor system. no locks on anything. so if you wanted to go into your neighbor's locker, you could. but no one did. we could pretty much come and go as we pleased, but everyone made it to class. there is a certain responsibility that comes with so much freedom. we knew what we had and didnt take advantage of it.
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    I am out of school but when I was there we had security guards. Now there are cops with guns and handcuffs that arrest you for skipping or talking back and all this other stupid crap. The kids have to have clear backpacks to you can see what are inside of them and there are drug dogs that sniff out all the lockers and kids. No metal detectors yet though
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    I have seen both specturms of high school, from the locked down inner city, where I spent half of my life, and in a extremely rural area, where locks were optional and we only had one security gaurd, who was considerably over weight. I don't see the harm in the cards, I used to have one to purchase lunch when I lived in the city. Unfortunately society is learning that it needs to be proactive regarding safety rather than reactive, and the cards are only a small piece of the picture. Many schools even have metal detectors even, which still suprises me at times.
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    isn't schools and universities supposed to a free and open society which fosters learning?

    if someone come on campus with a shotgun i don't see how a badge is going to stop him/her... its not like he's going to knock on the front door...

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