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Thread: I'm Sorry!

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    I'm Sorry!

    Forgive me please! I never meant to get on the wrong side of someone just by asking a question. If you don't agree with what I wrote, don't reply! If you do, be civilized about it please.

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    I see you took my advice and deleted all those threads, now take some time to read over the FAQ pages. Chat in the IRC w/ other members, learn the ropes, and them make yourself comfortable. Remember the general chit chat is a "safe haven" under conditions, and try to stay on topic when replying to threads. If you have a question, feel free to PM someone or ask about it in the IRC. Everyone has a hard time figuring the community at first, you just have to learn. Like everything there is a bit of politics in the game.

    One more thing...... you may also want to delete this thread. Just to be on the safe side...

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