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I have been looking a little bit at some of the WebSite Status top 10's. I have heard about some abuse in the tutorials forum with bad tutorials, have only seen a few myself though. But anyway I just looked at 'FakeBoy' 's profile and seeing that his has been viewed 23,000 some odd times this is obvious abuse of holes and the such in the top 10's. I read the first thread that introduced the counter system into user's profiles, and it worked good at the time. But something must obviously be done to prevent abuse of the system. It is obvious that 23k of AO's members suddenly did not just decide to view 'FakeBoy' 's profile, and that he just suddenly started refreshing the page or just made a simple program that accessed just the counter of his profile multiple times.

Anyway, something must be done to stop the abuse of viewed profiles | the abuse of tutorials written. The rest have already been abused before, such as the AO points, and post #. We have seen this happen in the past and have done things to prevent it from continuing. And now we must do it again to these two new features.

As for what exactly to do, the tutorials forum could be monitored slightly more, and have any posts with bad, or small tutorials deleted, and also have member profiles only count the # of members that viewed it, instead of the # of times it has been viewed. If it was changed to the # of members that have viewed the profile, it would then prevent not only someone from upping there own viewed #, but also from creating a new account and then upping their viewed #.

That is all that I have to rant about, but I would like the site to be changed or updated the next chance you get please.