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    Connecticut Society of Information Technology

    If you cannot tell from the web page, I am not an experience web designer. However, I am working on recruiting a web designer. At that point we will purchase a domain, and our new web designer will be responsible for building an maintaining the web site. Until the time comes, would anyone be interested in sharing comments/suggestions? We are currently trying to get an organization logo, adding information to the page, and maybe a few scripts and a forum. If you have any information you would like to share, or have any comments that would help in the direction to go I would greatly appreciate it. I know its nothing big, but it is in an effort to give professionals a place to go and share information in CT while avoiding the 2600. At my place of employment it is frowned upon if you attend 2600 meetings. Any comments, suggestions, or offers can be PM'd or E-mail. Thanks a bunch guys...


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    All in all the page looks good Joey, but I cannot get the image above the 'flaming barbed wire' to display in Mozilla. When (if) you get a designer, make sure the site is compatible with as many browsers as possible. While I realize that most people use IE, ther are a bunch of us out here that don't. Other than that small complaint, you get good marks!
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    I can host you a forum if you need it? I already threw at you the offer for the RAQ server and whenever you need it, contact me. I can also help with web design and many other things. Contact me if you need help with anything.

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    pretty good except the sound file took 1:30 to open when I first opened the site.
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    hey joey...not being anal or anything, but i am in the web design space and this is what i noticed.

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    What is the current status of CSIT?

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    I noticed this thread was bumped up w/o a comment, and I am taking assuption the question on the bumpers mind is the current status of CSIT. Well, I have had a hard time gathering volunteers for the launch of CSIT, but others would like it more underground and not corporate focused. I need a web designer and someone with good organizational skills before anything else goes on.

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