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    PM Count

    I noticed today that the PM count for my account doesn't update all that often. I have refreshed my browser to attempt another server call, but it still says I have 2 new messages even after i've replied to them.

    How often does that count actually update?

    Background: IE 6, Win2K, no firewall or proxy.

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    Jetzer... Everytime I hit refresh, they reset. There is times after I check the PM's they will stick, but a Refresh usually clears them. The only reason they do not clear right away is because your PM's are opened in another window.

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    not-a-bug not-a-bug not-a-bug ... lol

    no firewall ?

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    yeah, that happens to me too. that whole little box in the corner sets itself back and changes when i refresh, but if i go back to the page, it sets itself back again. i dont get it, but then again, i'm not paying for it. so if it doesnt works properly, i dont mind too much.
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    WTF? This is confusing me. What box? Is my AO page crippled or something? *shrug*

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    I agree w/ Joey & Sum.... If I follow Joey's directions, I come to SUM's responce. It works fine for me.....

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    This almost reminds me of that one post where the user deleted everything in his PM, and kept saying it still showed that the mail still existed, and he couldn't figure out how to empty it. Then someone informed him that he has to delete his sent box. I think he went off on a post and got banned from that thread.... I don't remember who it was....

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    Since this isn't a bug, I'm closing the thread.

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