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Thread: quick linux firewall info

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    quick linux firewall info

    ive never used a firewall, but today i will. Now im woundering.... if setup with ipchains or what not is there logging features? (im still a noob, be nice! heh)

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    ipchains will log (if you want)

    get a 2.4.x kernel and use netfilter / iptables as it's much better all round

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    Better yet, get freebsd and use IPF (or IPF on Linux)

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    Any Linux distro will log most everything worth seeing to /var/log/. Someone recently wrote a tutorial about how to cover your tracks that covers reading Linux logs in some depth, so you might want to have a look at that as a primer. Also there are a number of tools out there that make it very easy for newbies to increase the level of kernel logging above the default level. For newbies to Linux, I recommend the bastille hardening script (www.bastille-linux.org) run in interactive mode. It will make NAT and firewalling setup very easy and harden the system, while at the same time explaining what it's doing and teaching you something about security.
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