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    Hey All, just me. Well, everyone knows that Im trying to raise money and find ways to get my hands on servers or money (servers being dedicated or colocation, any kind really). Well, I have a very tiny partnership with Cobalt and have been granted a reseller account. I wanted to know a few things. First, would anyone like to buy a Cobalt RAQ server? Second, would anyone like to help contribute to JCHosting with donations such as servers or money? It would be appreciated greatly. If anyone can help in either way, please reply or PM me. Thank you

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    JCH, I'm in the process of starting up the Connecticut Society of Information Technology, and we may be interested in picking up a few servers. I will get back to you as soon as we pick up a volunteer system administrator.

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    Okay, no prob. Stay in touch though and if you need it, we'll talk buisness!

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    If you have prices and information, I could use that to windows shop.

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    For you, I'd suggest RAQ 3 and it has these features:

    300 Mhz Processor
    256 Mb of RAM
    Dual 10/100 NIC
    75 GB Data Transfer Included
    100 MB connection
    10 ips included
    Apache web server, HTTP/1.1-compliant
    Virtual Hosting Services: name-based and IP based CGI support
    Perl scripting
    SMTP, IMAP4, POP3, APOP email protocol support
    FTP, anonymous FTP access
    Telnet access
    Domain Name Server
    Front Page 2000 Server Extensions

    Also, it is only $109.99/month. I have a few more deals if you wanna hear them.

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    I'll get back to you. Currently working with AngryBob & Jezter6 on web design..

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