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    Free Computer Books

    I didnt make this list... I just found it and though I would ashare it with everyone.... The links I checked worked.... I dont know who wrote this so I cant give credit...

    O'Reilly online |
    Computer books and manuals | | |
    The Network Book
    Some #bookwarez.efnet.irc links
    Some #bookwarez.efnet.irc fiction
    Pimpas online books (Indonesia) |
    Security, privacy and cryptography |
    My own misc online reading material |
    Computer books
    | | | | |
    Linux documentation
    FreeBSD documentation
    Sun documentation |
    SGI documentation;td=2 |
    IBM Online Redbooks
    Digital Unix documentation
    Filesystem Hierarchy Standard |
    UNIX stuff | | | |
    Programmers reading |
    Programming Pearls 2nd edition
    C stuff | | | |
    Perl stuff | | |
    Java stuff | |
    Lisp stuff
    Ada stuff
    Database reading
    SQL stuff | |
    Visual Basic stuff
    Handbook of Applied Cryptography
    X Window System | |
    GTK and Gnome stuff
    QT and KDE stuff | |
    Corba stuff
    TCP/IP info
    Misc programmers reading |
    Some useful tech articles |
    Considering Hacking Constructive
    Eric's Random Writings
    IBM's History
    Electronic Publishing
    Digital processing
    The Hardware Book
    Network iQ Router Reference Manual
    Cisco Product Documentation
    Novell developers appnotes
    Icons for your desktop
    Hackers' Hall of Fame at Discovery Online
    Symbols and signs and ideograms and stuff
    Dictionaries | | | |
    Misc reading material |
    Dantes Inferno |
    Books and texts | | | |
    Literature stuff |
    Octavo books
    Project Gutenberg - books and texts
    Project Runeberg - Scandinavian in books and texts
    The Elements of Style
    Bigtext - illustrated books and manuals for DOS
    Breeze - a complete text system for Windows
    Language links
    Grimms' fairy tales
    Winnie the Pooh
    Seven Wonders of the World
    Medieval history
    Misc history
    Stonehenges Legends
    In Parentheses historical papers
    Bulfinchs Mythology
    The Dead Sea Scrolls
    Qumran historical site
    Index of cults
    Heretical speculation
    The esoteric Ordo Supremus Militaris Templi Hierosolymitani
    Runes and Norse stuff |
    Extinction level events | |
    Stephen Hawkings Universe
    The constellations
    Falling into a black hole
    Gravity is a push
    Online audiobooks
    NewMedia Classics
    Online Books Archive
    Internet Public Library
    PalmPilot E-Text Ring
    Virtual Free Books
    All About Ebooks

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    nice list but imho shouldn't be in the tut forum-- chit chat would be more appropriate buddy

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    According to's article "Turning Hacks into Hacker's" would these publishers be able to hack into my box, because they published these books, and received no compensation for it? I believe these links are a trick.

    It'd be real interesting if that bill gets passed....

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    Excellent resource acid, couldn't see this one on your list but don't flame me if it's there: - unfortunately the server isn't always up and you can have some problems logging in, but there's some great O'Reilly books amongst others archived there.

    Also, Xoom went bust years ago, so any links to sites don't work.

    A bulleted list and/or some extra line breaks would make the links easier to scan, but apart from that (minor) niggle, an excellent reference resource.

    sumdumguy: I know what you mean about this not really being a tutorial, although it'd be a shame if it were to be overlooked by being posted in chit chat. The problem is, where do you post things like this? They're a great reference resource, but not really what you'd call a tutorial. And they're not just for newbies either, plus it's not a question! Perhaps a "AO member's favourite link listings" forum would be good for this type of thread, rather than having to submit all the links individually?

    Fakeboy: I don't think that publishers like O'Reilly are remotely interested in breaking into your computer. And they did receive compensation when they sold the books in the first place, they're giving them away free usually in the hope that you'll buy the latest edition or that you'll find reading online difficult and buy a paper copy instead. These links aren't a trick, and if you actually *read* some of the books you'd discover that this is the case and that the publishers aren't trying to break into your computer.
    Paul Waring - Web site design and development.

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    Originally posted here by sumdumguy
    nice list but imho shouldn't be in the tut forum-- chit chat would be more appropriate buddy
    i don't think chit chat would be the place for this type of info.. because there threads doesn't stay on top for long time.. they immediately go to the next page.. and then it goes out of the site of people... so i think this is the best place..

    very well done acd.. really a great post..

    A laptop, internet connection and beer.

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    yeah, fantactic
    Great work ac1d, and i think this should surely stay on top of the "Tutorial Forum"

    thx ac1d>> kak dela? kak zavut?

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    What a list!!!
    I agree with intruder. Tutorial forum isn't a place I would look for a list of links.
    Maybe AO should have it's own Library :-)

    Thanks acid! That one must have taken you some time to compile.


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    ohhhh man. That's a long ass list. thanks for the links!

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    Great list, ac1d !
    As a link-whore, I snarfed the lot of them, and have already put them to good use, although I
    won't be showing my wife anytime soon, as she's the same way, and will be using my 'puter
    half the time just to grab URL's. Thumbs up, dude!
    As for where to put them, it's kind of an interesting point. There should be a members link area,
    but I'd hate to be the one sifting through a whole bunch of listings just to find duplicates. IMO,
    where you put them is just fine with me.

    You can lead a yak to water, but you can\'t teach an old dog
    to make a silk purse out of a pig in a poke
    -Berke Breathed/ Opus The Penguin

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    Thanks, ac1dsp3ctrum. Looks like i've got some reading to do.

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