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    Problem with YDL version 2.2

    hey guys, i am running mac os 9.0 and i am having some problems with YDL version 2.2. here is what is happening:

    I first insert the CD into the CD-ROM and hold down c i get to a page where the background is little cds. then i select iBook install CD and i go to Utilities folder. i double click it. then i select the Drive Setup icon. i then select the drive i want to install YDL2.2 on. after that i click initialize. then i go to Cutom Setup and set where it says Partition Scheme to 2 Partitions. i set the first partition has Unallocated and the second partition as Mac OS Standard, because i want to have 2 operating systems (Mac os 9 and YDL). anyways, after i do that, i hit ok. Then i hit Initialize. then, i select initialize again to check if it had properly initialized. i go back to Custom Setup, and it says that my Partitioning Scheme is set to 1 Partition!! that isnt right, before i set it to 2 Partitions. why did it set it too 1 Partition? also, my first volume is of the type Mac OS extended when it should be Unallocated and the second volume is of the type Unallocated when it should be Mac OS Standard. That isnt right eighter. it wont let me have two operating systems. what is the problem? i called Apple and they dont know what the problem is. any help would be really appriciated.
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    Hi White_Eskimo!
    I really don't know what exactly have happened, since I never used YDL, but here is what you can do:
    - Either use text based fdisk or
    - Partition your hard drive with disk utility from MacOS 9 cd.

    Since you will be repartitioning your hard drive, you would have to (re)install both MacOS and YDL, cause resizing isn't possible for Apple files systems. Make sure you install MacOS 9 first.

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