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    News: Congress to turn hacks into hackers



    Congress to turn hacks into hackers

    By Thomas C. Greene, The Register Jul 25 2002 5:28AM
    If House Hollywood sock puppet Howard Berman (Democrat, California) gets his way, it will become legal to hack a network in efforts to impede the on-line illicit trade in copyrighted works.

    He's preparing legislation, apparently forced on him by the Hollywood fat cats he represents and who have lavishly bribed him into docile, purring submission.

    The bill will create a legal safe harbor for what Berman euphemistically calls "technological self-help measures." He really means 'technological vigilantism', but whatever you call it, I like it.

    \"Windows has detected that a gnat has farted in the general vicinity. You must reboot for changes to take affect. Reboot now?\"

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    I read that on SecurityFocus.com this morning. Some wierd shist man. So, the patriot act sentences hackers to prison, and the MPAA bill turns hackers at large so they can recieve their money.... Makes sense huh? This article is shown from other sources on this thread: http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hreadid=232890

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    Eh, didn't see the other thread... could be because 1) it's in cosmos and 2) the meaningful thread title. Then again, I thnk the search I used was simply "congress," as that's where the bill currently resides, I believe (or at least it's a congressional nimrod who's getting the press).
    \"Windows has detected that a gnat has farted in the general vicinity. You must reboot for changes to take affect. Reboot now?\"

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    I would certainly hope that the chances of the bill making it are very slim.

    Assuming they are not though, just how long does the RIAA think it will be before they are on the bad end of the hacking stick?

    The RIAA is essentially the yuppie in the bar saying, "see that big guy with all the guns over there? I'm gonna go kick his ass."
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    Yeah, but did you read the article??? How about this aspect

    "How cool is that? When Berman's bill is passed I'll be allowed to break in to the pass-protected members' sections of Web sites and root people's corporate networks and home boxes whenever I have a 'reasonable suspicion' that The Register's copyrighted works might be getting passed around without permission. "


    "But I'll gladly stay away from dangerous things like viruses and worms. This is going to be such fun. And it's not just me. Anyone who publishes original content will be able to fend off the FBI with a simple, "d00d, I thought they were archiving my blogs, honest." ...."

    That is just one scary thought.... Of course we all know the only one that will be able to do it legally is the group of hackers these media companies hire.....

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