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Thread: TI Basic Programming

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    Post TI Basic Programming

    TI-83 Plus users-

    TI Basic is a programming language that is used for TI-83 Plus Calculators (and silver edition).
    It is sort of like Microsoft's 80's Basic but for a calculator. If you ever played Drugwars 1(2) or the
    highly popular Gangsta, this is the language that is used. I am going to go over some of the main points
    of TI Basic, and near the end, give ideas for a gangsta type game.

    Table of Contents

    A few pointers-1.TI-Basic is simple
    2.TI-Basic is time consuming
    3.e-mail me at nielad2001@yahoo.com for questions.[gloworange]Note:read tutorial first and don't ask for code for a game, I won't reply.[/gloworange]
    4.I assume you know how to "get around" on the TI. If not, read manual.

    To make a new program:1.Press the program button
    3.Create New
    4.Give it a name

    Display is a command that makes what you type in appear on the screen when you run the program.
    To use display:
    Create a new program and call it "Hello"
    Code: Explanation:

    ClrHome -clears home screen

    Disp "HELLO WORLD" -displays hello world [gloworange]note:You must type the " " before and after hello world[/gloworange]

    Pause -Pauses the home screen until you press enter

    Good Job! You just created your first program!
    Far by my favorite command, Menu creates... well...uh... a menu! (duh)
    [gloworange]note: commands that have been explained will not be explained in following chapters.[/gloworange]
    Create a new program and call it "Menu"


    Menu("Home","Option1",01,"Option 2",02,"Quit",Q -Okay. The first set of parantheses say home. That is what
    -will show up at the top of the menu. Option1 will appear
    -second. The "01" is called a label (Lbl). That means that
    -Option1 is labled 01, so when you press Option 01 it will jump
    -to whatever is stored in Lbl 01. Make sense? Option 2 is the
    - same but uses a different Lbl. The program will end when you
    -you press quit.

    Lbl 01 -code that follow this will be stored into Lbl 01, except when
    -another Lbl comes up.


    Disp "You picked Option 1" -it doesn't have to say that.


    End -Ends the program

    Lbl 02


    Disp "You picked Option 2"


    Lbl Q -You can call the Lbl alphabetical(A,B,C) or numerical(1,2,3)


    Thats about it. Like I said, you can e-mail for questions at nielad2001@yahoo.com. Be creative:
    Make the Menu say stuff like "shoot someone" and when the person clicks that, it will say "you shot me!"
    Stay tuned for more tutorials on TI-Basic!
    Good Luck!

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    Nice tutorial. I've never really explored T1 Basic. Thanks!

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    Good tutorial, you should write a follow up tutorial with some more advanced stuff

    Program my TI-83 is all I did in high school math class. I made pong and tank warz for my TI-83 I would post the source but they got deleted got deleted.
    Its not software piracy. Iím just making multiple off site backups.

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    yeah.. i ove my Ti-83 Plus that i got for 10 bucks and trading a crappy Ti-89 for.. i program in that all day..lol...good tut...

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    Good post, very well written. The newbie is on the road to redemption folks...toss him some more GREENIES!!
    It isn't paranoia when you KNOW they're out to get you...

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    Looks like he got banned. Guess it was to little to late.
    Its not software piracy. Iím just making multiple off site backups.

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    LOL, guess so.
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    I've never programmed with a TI-83, but I have made awesome programs with my TI-86. I started in high school, programming equations into my calculator so I could enter what variable I was trying to solve for, plug in the numbers for the other variables and receive an answer (showing me the steps, one-by-one so I could write them down to "show my work" hehe). Then I moved onto making some games, and made a bunch of games in both Basic and the TI assembly language. The basic for the 86's is quite different from the 83 (at least from what I can see from the tutorial), but definately a great skill to have. :-)


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    If anyone has a TI 89 they can check my tutorial- http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hreadid=232938
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