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Thread: A new forum?

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    A new forum?

    Just a thought here...the validity of it is, of course, questionable. How about a 'Current Events' forum for all these little tidbits concerning politics, corporate abuses, breaking news etc.? That way they would not be scattered around the other forums (Cosmos and General Chit Chat mainly) and susceptible to repetition.
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    that is a very good suggestion.. i think that there should be a new forum also.
    good suggestion

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    I'll second that motion....

    I have, at times, wondered where to post a particular thread, in some cases I didn't so I would not accidently put it in the wrong place.

    Also, might have it auto delete postings that have aged past X days of inactivity
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    Damn it I want my current events forum.
    This idea has been suggested many times and still I see no current events/news forum.
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