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Thread: high praise for google

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    high praise for google

    This is cool. Recognition for why google is the best search engine out there. Google is my friend, read why it's believed to be the friend of many others as well:

    I personally find the groups.google.com and google.com/bsd the best portions of it. The minimal nature of the site design and the all around effectiveness is just great.

    I am certain that many of you agree it to be the best search engine out there. Any particular points in the article you agree/ disagree with and why?

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    I really agree with the comments about the main page, its nice to not have to look for the text box to put in the search critera. Also their colors are low key, unlike sites like hotbot, with their bright colors that always seem to bother my eyes, esp at 2 in the morning.
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    "Google Answers" looks pretty cool, if the researchers they hire are actually competent people.
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    Google is great, but Copernic pro does a very good job as well,
    but then again it costs money and Google is free

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    I agree, Google is great. I especially like Google for it's relevant search results.

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    just grand

    goolge is basically the best for me.
    The home page loads fast, and you don't have to wait for the rest of the ads and everything else to load. It is to the point, that's why its grand
    HOOORAYY for goolge!
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    Google is the best search engine on the web, bar none. It's minimalism is so promising(:/). I hate other search engines that started out as search engines, but started offering other services and forgot about the whole search engine part. Take Yahoo for example. I used to use Yahoo back when it was just a search engine (seems like 15 years ago), but now they have added e-mail, shopping, advertisments out the wazoo, and generally boring and useless information.

    Google is the outlet from all the boring and useless information. I especially apprecate the advertising system they have. I have a friend who pays to advertise on Google, and generates most of his income through Google links. The text advertisments are not an eyesore, but are noticable when they have information that pertains to you search query.

    P.s. I especially like the little Dilbert thing they had going on there for a week. I thought the comics were amusing.

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    I would have to agree with the paises for Google. Its my home page and will stay that way until I find something better. Three cheers for GOOGLE!
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    yeah i used to use altavista.com but since they started puttin in all the crap and sales pitches i tried google and have never gone back
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    Google actually seperates the sponsored results of a search from the ones that aren't advertised crap

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