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Thread: Scanner Types

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    Scanner Types

    Ive been looking around on the net for a while and really havnt found much about the different scan types except for the nmap man pages. I was wondering if any of you had very indepth whitepapers or websites.

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    do a search comtaing SYN XMAS NULL
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    where can i download a good scanner?

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    If you want a 'vulnerability scanner', check out the thread started 8-29. A search of the AO forum will also give you more info, especially if you narrow your search by the 'type' of scanner you're looking for. Otherwise, you will need to supply more info as to the type of scanner you want (what you will be using it for) and the operating system of the machine the scanner program will be on.
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    if you are looking for a good port scanner, i recommend either nmap (on unix cause it kinda sux on doze)(but hey wut doesnt) but on windows, superscan, in which you can download it @ www.webattack.com i believe it may have some docs with the d/l. good luck.

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    For an all-around FREE vulnerability scanner, you just can't beat Nessus:
    It runs in 2 parts, a client and a server. You need *nix of some sort to run the server, but there are even windows clients. It has a plugin based structure and comes with its own scripting language for creating custom plugins. It has all of nmap's functionality and much much more. Check it out.
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