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    Pc Booster Awesome!!!

    McAfee e-mailed me (I am on their virus alert e-mail list) something about something called PC Booster. I read it and thought it sounded cool cause my system seems to be slow all the time and the ad from McAfee said something like "make your computer like how you bought it" so I thought it might be cool. So I searched for it on KaZaA (just made a search under Software and typed in PC Booster) and got a couple results. I downloaded one of these and its awesome! My internet runs soo fast now it seems like my computer is brand new! I dunno waht version it is (or even if there are versions). If you don't have it I suggest you get it even if your computer already is fast. It finds settings on your system that can be changed to increase speed. If you don't already have it, I suggest you get it. If you don't have KaZaA just search for it on Google or Yahoo.

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    hmmm ten to one its a utility much like system mechanic or (on the download side) download accellerator.

    These utilities simply use more ports to allow more connections to a server when downloading or browsing. not a bad idea, maybe I'll dig it up and check it out. BTW, this post should have probably been in product/ book revues.
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