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Thread: DSL Security

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    Question DSL Security

    I would like an appraisal of my home network security setup. I currently run DSL through a LinkSys gateway/firewall router. The router enforces Zone Alarm Pro personal firewalls on all PC's requesting access to the outside. The router is set to be invisible to the Net, and is set to the highest level of protection for all sites in the "Internet Zone". All of our PC's run PCCillin 2002 Antivirus Software and Pest Patrol.

    Question: How vulnerable am I?

    I also use this setup to regularly tunnel in to work via VPN. The company is running a Pix Firewall.

    Question: Do I pose a security risk to the company in any way?

    Thanks in advance...keep the faith.
    Cloud Dancer

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    Sounds like you got a pretty tight set-up, bro!
    A little paranoia can be a good thing. But you never really know sometimes...get someone to nmap your
    box, top to bottom, and see what they (or you, for that matter) find.

    Even so, anyone lucky enough to piggyback it is gonna have a tough time of it if you have a decent set of
    keys. Between the VPN and any other encryption protocols that you're using for the connection, they'll have
    to have some outrageous horsepower to unlock anything they do snatch.

    If you do get a good probe job done, let us know what happens.


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    I used to run ZA, but after I ran an analysis on DSLReports and got a -70, I switched to Tiny Personal Firewall and scored a 0 (perfect score) when I checked it out a second time. If you want to evaluate yours, go to http://www.dslreports.com/tools and see how you score. Membership is free.
    It isn't paranoia when you KNOW they're out to get you...

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    Thanks for the link allen! Not a bad Utility. I always remind myself. never be 100% certain about a Utility, unless you either wrote it, or remain vigilant as far as the updates. In this case we would presume the page is updated on a regular basis, yet it is important to never presume anything. Just remember the "Bad Guys", have the same ability to use the proggie as we do. My personal rule: When using a DSL, Cable. ISDN......Ect. If I am not at my PC, It is unplugged from the Network. Discon. is the only foolproof "Firewall".



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    personally i think a great way to secure a home network (seems like your running windows) is to have a Linux box as a router/firewall infront of all those windows boxes, linux is easier to monitor and easier to secure in my opinion.

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