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Thread: Domain Names

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    i got http://linbox.b0x.com for free. it supports ftp and i get 50 megs. Tis not bad for a free host/domain.

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    Not too shabby. I'm currently using a free coldfusion host, lots o' space. Does your server support things like cgi and php? Just wondering, because you might end up annoyed because you find you are limited when you decide to start making truly awesome pages.

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    Check it out. They charge you for the domain name regestration (but the price isn't bad) and will host your site for free without advertisements on your site. Instead, they just spam you with email. I haven't looked into that much, but it might be worth checking out. I would suggest setting up a dedicated hotmail account just to recieve the spam they send you....

    Banner displays are a major annoyance for internet users and they reduce the degree of professionalism in the presentation of a website. We understand this and have created a service that does not utilize unsightly banners while still providing free service.

    Our service is made possible by sponsors who place ads in our daily newsletter which Doteasy members agree to receive. Members have the option of reading this email at their convenience.
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    I've used a cjb.net addy for a while, and though it's a bit of an unprofessional look, nothing beats shortening your doamin name from http://www.mystupidserver.com/direct...ser/index.html" to "user.cjb.net" ... especially for free.

    also, there are a few places online that, for rather cheap, will set up a server that you maintain.. i've seen this done a handful of times and knew a kid who's band website is now run off of his computer, but i can't say as to where oyu'd get this kind of service...
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    But cjb puts up too many pop ups, whenever I visit cjb sites, I always end up closing annoying windows. There are better hosting companies out there than cjb.

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    how does internic, verisign have the power to give out domain names, etc...

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    Hey All,

    Wow I'm surprised noone has mentioned V3. I guess they aren't as popular as I had thought. Anyways, V3 offers domain redirects which has names like "go.to/nameofyourchoice" "jump.to/nameofyourchoice" etc. They offer several prefixes to choose from.

    There is however an intro screen that flashes for about 3 seconds before your into page loads, but since it's a free service they've gotta pay their bills somehow, I guess. I believe they offer a "pay" service V3 Gold which is a whopping $12.95 a year (2 trips to McDonalds) as well to avoid the pop-up.

    Their redirects also offer (your choice) to mask your domain, ergo when they goto your redirected site the "go.to/blahblah" name remains in the URL address bar. Email is the same, they basically alias an email address to match your redirected URL name, which is nice and offers a little conformity to your overall site.

    Check'm out. Might be worth a look. I use one to print on my business cards (or 'ad' in my case), even though I have a domain name. That way if I was to ever change my host, visitors can still find my site until Verisign can switchover my DNS nameserver.

    V3's Redirect Site

    MY V3 URL (for example)

    since the V3 offers 'outside' advertisement (no porn) visitors are still at risk for ActiveX and IFRAME program load scripts. I personally encountered the spyware "Gator" trying to download on my computer. Luckily, in my browser security options, I have the "Download Signed and unsigned ActiveX controls" as well as the "Launch Programs & Files in an IFRAME" checked to prompt me before downloading / executing. You may wanna do this before checking out MY V3 link. Just as a precaution. Most of the time it's something like Classmates.com, but you never know...
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    Khakisrule check my math for me. $70 for two years equals 70/24 or $2.91 per month. So how is he lucky that now they are cheaper and only cost $10 per month?

    It is still cheaper to get one form the NIC but you do have to come up with two years payment at one time. There are also other DNS's which cost roughly the same and not all of the best names are taken. Often you still have to come up with more money initially. Personally I would talk to my ISP about getting a sub-domain from them (my old one charge $5 per month but that included extra web space at the ISP itself). Otherwise if I had the bandwidth I would go get my own domain name from the NIC. Even though it does cost -$7 more than what you are looking at.

    BTW Internic got the right to give out and track the Domain Names because back when the Internet was still Arpanet and was under much more Government and Corporate control they bid on and won the contract to do it. They were given control over 4 of the 7 top level domain names which were used at that time (.edu .gov and .mil are controlled by seprerate entities). Now new domains have been created including the two letter ones for countries, states, and numerous other reasons. This has opened up the domain names so that it is easier to get the one you want but has also made it slower to resolve some domain names due to the hierarchical domain checking used by dns's.
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