There has been a lot of buzz about a peer-to-peer based, shared team workspace software package named Groove. The interest level seems to have risen since Microsoft's announcement that they will partner with Groove by integrating Sharepoint Team Services into a custom Groove config this fall. I have looked at Groove. It has a lot of possibilities. I am thinking about promoting it as a tool for our IT Dept. in a number of areas. I would really like some good feedback regarding the entire area of P2P security when used as a business tool. There seem to be a lot of obvious general concerns, but I am looking for specifics. Has anyone looked into this? Does it pose a major secutity risk to companies that try to use it? I have included the following URL that is an article that discusses the entire issue at length. I am not looking for hype, I am looking for answers...the kind that you guys are probably the most qualified to provide.

Thanks in advance...keep the faith.