Brief History of Programming Languages
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Thread: Brief History of Programming Languages

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    Brief History of Programming Languages

    I know that this isn't exactly a tutorial, per se, but I thought a lot of people might find it interesting. While doing some research regarding various programming languages, I happened across a simple table listing many of the commonly used programming languages, with a brief synopsis of each as well as the years each were created. It's pretty useless for my research, but interesting for those who are just starting to learn about programming langauges.

    See the table at the Microsoft Encarta site.


    PS: Sorry about posting it twice (I already deleted the other post). I proof-read my post, but not the title and made a stupid typing error.

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    And you were IS interesting!

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    I agree!

    I also found it very interesting, thanks for the info.
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    Definitely! It is interesting. Thanks AJ.

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    About 2 months ago, Wired magizine had an article on the evolution of programming laguages which was pretty cool. I might still have it, and I'll scan it and post it if people havn't seen it. The whole thing was a two page spread of a tree of pregramming languages. It labeled the languages that were 'living' (i.e. Still in use.), 'dormant' (Not used that often.), 'dead' (Never gonna be used again...) It had about 120 programming languages and variations with sentances to explain the important ones.

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