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Thread: TI 89 Programming Part 1

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    Post TI 89 Programming Part 1

    This Tutorial doesn't even begin to grasp what a TI 89 can do, but will help anyone out that never go to try 89 programming.

    If you don't know how to open/create a new program, refer to your manual.

    Note-to add spaces hit the "alpha" key the the "(-)" key, some people miss that.

    If you created a new program it should look like this, if you named it program:


    I will start with the "hello world"(as done in almost all programming tutorials).

    Shown As==========command=============example
    Hello World==========Disp==============Disp "Hello World"
    |----------------|========text==============text "Hello World"
    | Hello World |
    | enter=OK! |<------- Sorry for the bad pic.

    Note-To clear the screen from any old "text" for the disp command
    add ClrIO, before the disp command(on the line above it).

    Now I will go into the stuff that will help you even more, like if statements.

    You can Use If for lot's of stuff like:

    :If number = 1
    :disp "number = 1"
    :disp "number doesn't = 1"

    The first line ask's if "number" is 1. If it's not 1, it goes to the else command. If it's 1, it exicutes the line after the if command and when it get's done with that it will execute the line after endif(unless you use the goto command).
    To have more then one if in a statement use elseif, like:

    :If number = 1
    :disp "number = 1"
    :Elseif number = 2
    :disp "number = 2"
    :disp "number dosen't = 1 or 2"

    You can have as many elseif commands as you want.

    Now how to use goto commands and how to use a function.
    goto commands:

    :if number = 2
    :goto cba
    :Elseif number = 1
    :goto abc
    :disp "number = 2"
    :disp "number =1"

    Note- you have to create a function, just like you made a program, but make it a funtion.

    :if a = 2
    :Elseif a=1

    :5 * b = b
    ; takes variable b and times it by 5

    :6 * b = b

    Now let's go into input

    One way of getting input is by using the request command, example:

    :request "Type in a number",number
    :number * 5 = number1
    :disp "your number times 5 =" number1
    ;you can add variables by having the text surrounded by the-" "

    Another way of getting input is by useing the popup command, example

    :disp "what color do you like more?"
    :popup {"red","blue"}a
    :if a = 1
    :disp "you like red better then blue"
    :elseif a = 2
    :disp "you like blue better then red"

    This way shows up as a menu and not a box that the user can just put any input he/she wants.

    Part 2 tutorial will have:

    How to make a chat room
    How to use the getkey() command *handy for games*
    How to add pic and how to make your own
    How to make a Custom menu
    and more..

    \"keep your friends close, your enemys closer, and your administrator closest.\"

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    If anyone has any commets or suggetions just private message me, I hope you will like part 2...
    \"keep your friends close, your enemys closer, and your administrator closest.\"

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    Good tutorial, but could you explain the language itself a bit. I read somewhere that it's for ``TI-83 Plus Calculators ``, whatever the Hell they are...

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    I don't know what you mean by explain the languge(give me an example-like perl). TI-83+ is differnt programming then TI-89, but there are some similarities
    \"keep your friends close, your enemys closer, and your administrator closest.\"

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