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    Thats cool, yet another great feature from JP. Thanks for the information NetSyn.
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    Cool. Makes a lot of sense. Way to go JP.

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    I definitly like the idea of keeping a list of rude users who don't post appropriate replys. Some users are on the border of being banned, and being left alone. These are the ones who would go on the list. Hackedantionline for example would be on the banned list so wouldn't have to be put on the list.

    One problem though. How would the list be kept legit? I mean, how would we stop people from putting random usernames on the list just out of spite?

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    There's been a lot of discussion about suicidal threads working badly, one person (so called "pissant") can ruin a perfectly good thread. It's been suggested that the one who got many negs could be excluded from that thread. See where I'm coming? Would be easy to auto-add that person to every participant's ignore-list. That way they couldn't post any more stupid replies to that thread nor to any other person's thread.

    Could also be enough to add that person to the thread starter's ignore list, I wonder will their messages from that thread get deleted or what then?

    Of course still if the thread starter or many messages get negs thread should suicide but this could solve something.
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