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Thread: Recycle bin error

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    Recycle bin error

    When I try to empty my recycle bin, it displays a message...are you sure you want to delte "filename", even though my recycle bin is empty. I click yes and recieve another error "cannot delete desktop acces is denied". The full icon is shown, but when i explore the bin, there are no items. Windows is set to view all files.

    I am running NT4 on a Novell server.
    Any ideas?

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    Try debugging the system.

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    First thing i would check is the recycle dir. on C: and make sure desktop.ini is intact and unaltered (one of my kids deleted it once, gave me a similar issue).
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    Also, if this problem arises, restarting the computer generally fixes the problem. I've had the problem once or twice on Windows XP Pro, and it goes away immediately after restarting. Also, do you have any recycle-bin managment programs (such as Norton Protection, etc.) because some of those can cause problems as well.


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    Just a couple of questions:

    are you running Mcafee Netshield on the comp?
    if so, are you auto del all virus encountered?

    I found this to be a problem on my nt4svr.

    If so, go to cmd prompt, migrate to your recycle bin and manually delete the files. Then make a new dir (folder) for your infected files and delete them on a regular schedule from the cmd prompt.
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    I have had that happen I couple of times out of the blue. Usually just restarting will solve it, (for a while at least). After that check your .ini files as allenb was suggesting.
    Hope this helps
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