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Thread: What to do if you get youre ports scanned

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    What to do if you get youre ports scanned

    what should you do if you have youre ports scanned is that illegall

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    It can be legal

    It depends on the party/person scanning you...

    For example your ISP may port scan you, which is legal

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    wet your pants

    no seariously..

    it is not illegal in most parts of the world.
    So just make sure ur box is tight...
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    if u don't have a firewall you should get one from agnitum or something

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    From what I understand of the law it is not illegal to port scan or even to try and connect through a port. Illegal activity begins when information on the said computer is accessed or tampered with. For exapmle: Script Kiddie A uses KiddieTrogen to "hack" (and I use that term while wincing in pain) SomeRandomPerson B. He can legaly scan isolate an open port and access an exsisting trogen on the victims computer. He has broken the law only on the last step and anything from there on.

    I might just be rambling but this is the law as it was explained to me. Hope this helps.

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    like said before, just make sure your box is secure, and you may want do disable telnet/ssh so that they you dont have any logins they can crack.

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