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    Originally posted here by bathara_bagus
    america i's the greatest in hacking ? b**l s**t. you know Indonesia is the civillization of hackers. don't you know that there's no program can't be hacked here ?
    <rant>and why are you bragging? oh wow.. you can crack programs and send viruses.. you are the scum of the hacking world you "black hats" are what give hackers bad names... "j00 are so l337" prepare for the barage of negatives...and another thing...nobody cares about you bragging about you and your stupid black hat hacks.. a real hacker tells no one of his hacks...oh...and one more thing...think before you post...this is a security site.. i recommend you read the FAQ before posting again...</rant>
    Ok i am done now... sorry but.. i despise people who brag about stupid things....

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    Humm still not sure why this thread in neg. Last I looked had nothing to do with America. Yeah like it takes a leap in thought to know anything can be broken LOL get real. Hats what is this all about? All media hype and people just making a name provind raw material for big corps for free and they make the money. What's wrong in tht picture? Hacking as it started begain back before the "WEB" it was one sys admin usually knowing the other cause APRANET or what ever it was called was that small and they tested stuff and usually it was a game yes and when one out did the other usually it was a phone call lauging and them saying oh that was novel. Black hat White hat to understand what that all means you'd have to go back to American TV in the 50's, WHY? cause that is where all this started so " Head Em Up Move Em Out", before that was Howdy Do Dee Time Now where did I put that bull whip and where is Little Joe when you need em? :-) In short all of this humor now days people break stuff even if you don't ask em to...shucks go figure the humor in all this
    I believe that one of the characteristics of the human race - possibly the one that is primarily responsible for its course of evolution - is that it has grown by creatively responding to failure.- Glen Seaborg

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    IMHO there is no such thing as the greatest country in hacking or the greatest hacker.
    There is always someone better out there. Being able to crack every available software in the market doesn't make a country a great hacking country. Being able to create something good out of hacking is what i think makes a great hacker.

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    During a review of the hospital facilities, the Director and Doctor walking down the ward notice a man jerking off. The Director asks the Doctor, you wanna explain that.... The Doctor then explains that the patient has a rare disease where sperm fills in his testicals and that he needs to ejaculate once an hour to releave the pressure or he can die. Well, the Director says, that sounds logical. As the Director and Doctor continue down the ward, they happen by a nurse giving a patient head.... The Director turns to the Doctor, "How you gonna explain that", the Doctor calmly turns to the Director and says."Same disease, better health care plan".

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    computer hacking began in the U.S. Bathara_bagus I compare hackers to explorers of the 1500's thier are good explorers and conqueres like cortez(circa 1520) that savagely slaughtered the meso-american civilization... i also see computers and hacking a tool in the fight for freedon and equality in these times...(sort of like the revolutionary picture of a raised arm with the AK)

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