Trapped Miners Pulled From Pa. Shaft
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Thread: Trapped Miners Pulled From Pa. Shaft

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    Trapped Miners Pulled From Pa. Shaft

    Just a message to anyone who has relatives, or friends, for that matter anyone who was following this story.

    It is nice to hear good news once in a while!!!

    I spent some time last night imagining what these guys went through. Amazing!

    Kudos to the rescue workers!


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    I'm From PA, and am glad that the miners were able to be brought up alive and (relatively) well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I was glad to hear that...I'm in coal country (Ky) myself, and can sympathize with the folks in Pa.
    More KUDOS for the rescue workers
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    yeah those rescue workers kick ass. i was watching the news, and all nine of them came out. the governor said they will all be fine, and none seem to have anything wrong with them. thats amazing how narrow that hole was that they elevated out of. clostrophobia...

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