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    Okay, i think i see the problem.. First, as others have said, don't worry about Desktop.ini files.. they are put into individual directories so the computer remembers your visual settings (backgrounds and icon placement) in each folder.

    Hiberfil.sys is also of no concern. This is, as stated, used to store information during hibernation.

    Pagefil.sys is just as harmless, and crucial to your operating.

    However, you should definately scan yr computer carefully for programs running on high port numbers (21787 ?) (I assume you're got winMe or higher, so just press Ctrl-Alt-Del to see a list of processes)... look for something you know shouldn't be there... unless that line in your INI file is just a standard system thing, in which case you're jst paranoid and should stop it.

    And chipmicroic has no idea at all what he's talking about. dont listen to fire and brimstone when it comes to your computer, ESPECIALLY WHEN IT COMES IN ALL CAPS.
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    Hey punch the baby, you need to change your signiture... It's screwing up the pages...

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    P.S. If you have a existing firewall I'd suggest checking its properties and make sure that it is set on its highest security setting this will get rid of "some" of the unwanted things that you may encounter.

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    -> Thank AVDVEN and PUNCHTHEBABY for their advice... but don't forget that if/when you get that firewall to filter outgoing traffic, read the alerts and descriminate between what really needs to get out and what doesn't. I see alot of firewalls configured that everything is enabled to get out. This is an exercise in futility, and amounts to security masturbation. ALSO, take a hard look at what you tend to surf for... do you swap files? do you use Kazaa and programs like that? Spot your potential security holes. Search the forum or online for known trojan ports. 21787 is not on my recently-updated trojportlist, but that doesn't mean a new malware isn't out there....

    -> Look here: START -> SETTINGS -> NETWORK CONNECTIONS -> PROPERTIES, and make sure that unless you are using them, CLIENT for MICROSOFT, and FILE/PRINTER SHARING are disabled, leaving only TCP over IP protocol checked. (this is not to undo your present situation but rather to point to a better overall protocol. don't be afraid to search the forum or the net for WinME security config advice after you clear up your problems, there's no point in repeating them.)
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    You have spying eyes over , While accessing internet
    your IP address is written , which site you have gone,on what time,
    when you have login , when you are logout
    All record & maintain , can be haned over to Govt.,when they needed

    Even you go to any website your mouse clicks are recorded ,your mailing email address
    are sell out to other website of relating product

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