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Thread: partioning / formatting tool

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    Question partioning / formatting tool

    Hi Everybody,
    I am looking for a tool, possibly DOS based, which can partition and format the hard disk using the following file systems
    1. Fat16
    2. Fat32
    3. NTFS
    4. Linux ext2
    Any information will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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    Partition Magic does very well for those tasks, but it is not free. http://www.powerquest.com/partitionmagic/

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    For my money, Mandrake's DiskDrake is more flexible than Partition Magic (supports more file systems) and is every bit as easy to use. And, of course, free.

    Although I don't use Mandrake myself - I use Gentoo - I do keep a copy of Mandrake CD 1 around just for partitioning my systems with DiskDrake. CD images are available from ftp://carroll.cac.psu.edu/pub/linux/...rake-iso/i586/ if you choose to go that route.
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