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Thread: BNCs and DDoS

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    BNCs and DDoS

    ive been having a lot of problems with "kidiots"

    a group of them are uploading DDoS bots into cable connections using NETBIOS and then attacking me myfriends and the IRC server itself with these bots...

    the ircops refuse to do anything unless i can show proof of them using the bots to attack me which would be close to impossible to find without being there to watch them do it on their private hidden server and channel!!

    What i need is a BNC provider that will provide me with a LOW COST v-host for IRC that can take a couple 100 cables trying to packet it offline!

    Payment method would have to be PAYPAL

    so please only give me links that could possibly help me... personal experince wanted not some random found sites found with google!!

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    Um, you don't need a BNC provider, you can get a low cost shell provider instead, I know that www.ultrashells.com charges about $5 for a shell, per month. It isn't that bad. You can also trade things for a BNC on IRC, things like shells, ccs, and other stuff.

    EDIT: Um, looks like ultrashells is down, I'll try to find you another link.

    EDIT: Here is a good link. This is a shell provider that will let you run a BNC on their low cost shells, it is $8 a month, with a $5 setup fee, and you can pay via paypal. The link is here http://www.kewlshells.com/shells.html

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    If you can get their ip's you can report this abuse to their ISP. Depending on the size of their ISP and whether or not you have substantiating proof, they could persue it.

    Want proof? Run a packet logger and keep an eye out for the DDOS packets, and then e-mail this to their ISP. (usually abuse@foobarISP.com)

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