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Thread: easy programming.

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    easy programming.

    I was trying to find a way to be able to make many jobs easier for my techs..

    I was digging through different programming languages, and development tools, when I came across "Wise Installation System Version 9 Professional.

    At first I wondered what the hell would I need to make an installer for? Then I looked into the abilities of Wise... And holy cr4p! It is a very easy to learn scripting (similar to Basic) and I can automate almost anything in windows. I have created a Dialup frontend, I created programs that automatically "SU" tech rights to normal users and install selected program. (since normal users cant install software or change the time etc.) Wise can add/change/remove variables and groups in the registry.. Very handy tool.. It also has selectable code, like if you want wise to change the time u can pretty much point and click the code into ur program.

    Pretty nice.. Especially if you want to automate half of the things you do. as well as look like a programming god at your place of work.

    well I hope you guys can use this..

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    Yeh, I'll concur that it's a good product. I've used it before, as has one of my friend's on some of his larger, more complex VB software.

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