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    Talking Redmond Linux

    Well, I installed Redmond Linux(aka Lycoris Linux) on my girlfriends PC. Completely replacing win98 (she has a pII 350mhz with 64 mb ram COMPAQ) she wanted Windows XP because of the gell buttons, but because your pc would not run well with it. I gave her Linux. Redmond first off, installed beautifully, recognized all the hardware. It seriously felt like a windows install, BUT BETTER! while It was installing, it had me setup the root password, and additional users, selected network settings (DHCP, etc.) and then let me play solitaire while i was waiting for redmond to finish up. Redmond also didnt pop up (insert floppy disk for rescue disk creation) crud either! it had a button i would click if i wanted to do that. but otherwise i just clicked finish and BAM I am into Xwindows login gui.. When I entered her username and password. It brough up KDE and had a very crisp background of some field. (like what lycoris advertises on its website) The desktop was similar to windows 9x so I knew my girlfriend would adapt easily. I mean it has "My linux System" "My personal Files" "My network" and "Recycle bin" Now thats so close to 9x it hurts.. When I clicked My Linux System it brought up a my computer like box with Disk Drive, HardDrive, CD-ROM, and Control Panel.

    Lycoris/redmond linux made going to linux less of a intense learning curve, and more of a painless simple curve.

    I installed a theme i downloaded from the net to give linux that gell button look. And now she is very pleased.

    I have had no Compaints!
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    Red Hat Linux has a nice gui installation fairly easy and detects most hardware right away. I did an installation on a compay presario laptop and the installation was flawless, now for a laptop, that'a really something. Props to the Linux programmers out there.

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    I just downloaded and am now installing Redmond Linux. So far it seems pretty cool. The only problem I found so far is that you cant select custom packages.
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